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Specializing in Conversation of Biomass to Ethanol

Cattails to Ethanol


 Small Scale Energy and Fuel Production  

Volume 1 Focus: Cattails to Ethanol

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Water Assurance Technology Energy Resources Mission 2

Table of Contents

No Fear for Farming Futures or Bright Futures for Farming Fuels 4

Cattail Projects and Cattail History

Cattails as a Friend of Man

Native American Cultures 5

Botanical Information

Cattail General Information 8


Limited Map Referral 16

Projects and Possibilities

Selecting a Biofuels System 18

Alcohol Production from Starch 21

Remediation: Objectives and Roadblocks

Remediation Studies by Bruce Lesikar, PhD

1. Phytoremediation and On-Site Treatment of Septic Effluents in Sub-surface Flow Constructed Wetlands 22-29

2. Uptake of 15N By Macrophytes in Subsurface Flow Wetlands treating Domestic Wastewater 30-36

The Biology of Canadian Weeds

By James, B. Grace and Janet S. Harrison 37-46

Biofuels: Benefits and Challenges

Cattails to Ethanol: An Essay on Dollars and Sense 47

Biofuel and Its Fears By Dr Chan Kook Weng, FISP 49

Making Ethanol from Cattails 53

Combined Remediation and Fuel Production

Cattails Cyclic Glucose Production of the Cattail Tubers and Stored Glucose Growth Maturation and Development 58



Awakening the Inner Warrior: Stoking the Fire Within 62

Small Commercial Facilities

ISO Standards Applied to Running a Biofuels Company 63

Measuring the Quality of Life in Rural Areas by Michael L. Holton 65

Community Projects

Changing Bureaucracy and a Public Mindset 66


Biofuels Production/ Distillation

Microbiology Development for Biotechnology 68

Licensing and Permitting a Commercial Biofuels System 69

Texas Environ Comm. Registration for Permits by Rule 70


Definition and Comment 72

Pilot Project Report

Department of Energy Study/ Report

Cattails As An Alternative Ethanol Energy, David D. Woodbridge, Ph. D. 73

Activating Your Biofuels Project


Column Construction and Packing 81

Community Focused Goals

Biofuels Energy Production/ Data Collection Basics 85

Biofuel Energy Production Data Collection Demonstration 87

Sample Production Chart 94

Grant Proposals

Solving Energy and Quality-of-Life Challenges Universally 95

For Profit and Not-for-profit Challenges

Marketing Biofuels and Decision-Making 97

Contract Research Organizations 100

Ethanol Workforce Multiplier 102

Example of Support Participation and/or Level of Interest 105

Federal Permitting Form 106-110

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