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 BioEnergy Grant Writing
Education, Outreach, and Training
Business Planning and Employment Guide

This Education, Outreach, and Training guidebook visits performance standards, protocol, learning objectives, and other educationally related information that can be an integral part of building your company specific Standard Operating Procedure or grant funding submission. The sections that address building your business plan and writing grants offer a comprehensive overview of common criteria.

Table of Contents

Business Development 3,4

Building a Business Case 5-11

Feasibility Considerations 12, 13

Bioenergy Grant Writing Basics 14, 15

Grant Writing Tips 16-20

Grant Opportunities for Farmers 21

Statistical Analysis of Data 22

Value in Distance Learning 23

Curriculum-Based Workforce Education 24

Previous Training Agenda (Example)

Bilingual Training 25, 26

Ethics in Science 27

Code of Ethics 28, 29

Distillery Safety Protocol 30

Safety Audit 31

Microbiology Basic Course 32

Simple Science 33, 34

Good Laboratory Practices 35

Bio-safety and Quality Assessment

Rules Rule! 36

Writing Process Documents or 37

Standard Operation Procedures

Editing Objectives 38, 39

Staff Duties 40-54

Employee Evaluation Form 55-57

Employment Agreement 58-61

Temporary Employment Application 62-64

Workforce Placement Example 65
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